Our world is three-dimensional one. But what is it like to be in a dimension beyond it? What is it like? I'd like to answer some of these questions here.

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As we know our world is a three-dimensional one. But one may even think about a dimension higher than ours. Well to some it doesn't exist. We can't exactly make a four-dimensional thing but we can project a hypothetical 4 d object on a 2 d object. First of all, for this we'll have to understand 0,1, 2 and 3 dimensions.

Consider a point, it is of no, or 0 dimensions but extend the point sideways and you'll have a line or one dimensional object. If you further extend the line, we get a two-dimensional object that is a square. If we further extend a square upwards, we get a three-dimensional cube. So to get a  four-dimensional cube, we just have to extend the cube outwards and we'll have a peculiar shape commonly known as a tesseract. A four dimensional cube is also called a tesseract.   

Although the dimensions also change with the size of an object. But by ignoring that point, movements and shapes in the 4th and beyond dimensions also exist.

But this doesn't just end here. With every change in dimension, the rotation also changes. For example, let's take a point. A point can't undergo any rotations but if you take it to a higher dimension, you'll find that you can rotate it. But the rotation is limited. You'll just find a piece of line rotating on a two-dimensional surface and a two-dimensional object rotating. It'll be just the same but the object will be bound by 4 line segments. But if you're rotating a three-dimensional cube, the rotation is just as normal as rotating cubes. 

However, in the 4th dimension, the rotation changes in two axis and we get a peculiar rotation called the double rotation. Your can watch a rotating tesseract on youtube by searching 'Rotating tesseract'.

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