Once I asked my elder sister and brother why both of you want to get a government job? The reply came from my mother who is currently a government servant, "Son, they offer good job security, relaxed working hours and a hefty salary and you should also seek for a government job after completing your graduation."

This is in the mind of almost every Indian youth and elders and is a genuine fact. But many few may know that this is one of the main reason of India's slow development. Just after the Independence, main occupation of most of the people was agriculture and to encourage employment in service sector, the government mass recruited the people as it was the requirement at that time. In order to attract people to join government service in large numbers it granted many powers to its employees. As the time passed, people realized "Oh Wow! These govt employees work according to their will and enjoy so many perks and a hefty salary. Nobody is judging on how much they work. The perfect job I was looking for."

The main problem is not unemployment but mentality of people and freedom given by government to private organisations. The people have natural tendency of working less and earning more money and that is the reason everyone is behind govt job. The thing which promotes this tendency is politics. If a party provides more government jobs it already wins half of the election. The problem is not the govt jobs but the rule which prevent under-performing employee from suspension. The other party observes this phenomenon and applies the same trick and wins. This way the loop is still continuing. 

The another problem is with our youth. All they want is easy life and hearing experiences of their elders they get even more excited about getting the none but the government job. They don't want to slowly gain experience but want immediate success. And guess what? Our career counselors, parents, encourage us to get easily settled and why not? All they want next is their son to get married. They think of our good and they are right in their own thinking. But, if all the rats attack the same piece of cheese, how every rat will crave his/her hunger? 

The problem doesn't end here. Some of our private companies are so much greedy that they don't think of their employees as human, instead they want to make them work like machine and paying very less for it. If our govt exercised the same rule to these private firms, I don't think anyone might be crying for not getting job. The faith of people on these private sector is meagre and our people fear these companies just exploit their own employees. 

The way people are selected for jobs through competitive exams which just test how much you retained in your school needs to be stopped. We don't need someone good at studies solving some theoretical/mathematical problem and becoming an officer. Instead, we need someone who could hear the problems of the population and then provide a good solution in a legitimate time period. The performance should decide whether an employee should transfer to his hometown or should be given a promotion not just how much days he attended the office.

The craze of government job will not going to settle until our government get serious about it or until our youth don't search for their full potential. We have to understand if our soldiers can work 24/7 for protection of our country, why couldn't we dedicate our 8 hours / 6 days for development of our country. 

Jai Hind!! 

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