What is GS1?

The Global standard has framed rules and regulation act in the supply chain for control and better visibility in SKU (Stock keeping unit) which is moving out from one end to another end. This standard is implemented in healthcare industries and products that are sold in big stores etc. All the companies that are registered under this global standard are identified by company prefix length which ranges from 6 to 10 digits. This is applicable to warehouse unit, manufacturing sites, and distributors, wholesalers etc.

How is this implemented?

A GS1 registered company has two things one is globally identified trade identification number, we call it has GTIN which identify the SKU (Stock keeping unit) and SSCC (Serial shipping container code) for a pallet or case. A GTIN number can be formed as a serial number as per the GS1 policy and an SSCC should always be an eighteen-digit number which takes all the product and case into it. The main aim of GS1 policy is a barcode standard which identify all the stocks moving in and out of warehouse, facility etc.

As per the policy, all the SKU should be implemented with a lot ID and expiry date which is a mandatory field.  


Earlier we used to identify a product using NDC codes (National drug code) which has a range that is from 10-digit code or 11-digit code or 3-digit code which use lot-based technology to identify a SKU. Now we have moved from lot based to serialization-based technology and all the entities are identified by a serial number which is SGTIN (Serialized global trade identification number). A barcode that is formed from a SGTIN number gives the complete details of the product, its lot ID and expiry date, thus providing electronic data exchange.




Trusted Source data

TSD or Trusted source data is a specification applicable to standard data in order to authenticate and find the accuracy of the product by its brand owners to end customer, retailers, Internet application and support government with the technology-enabled systems with barcodes and other EDI.

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