What you know about the color of dinosaur? It is said that scientists are still having trouble to determine the original color of dinosaur. Because whatever fossils we got from the various part of earth are all lacking of the pigment and related substances. We know that pigments are the only thing that can help us to determine the color of any living being. So it is impossible to determine the color of dinosaur since we do not have any pigment related it.

National geographic magazine claimed in 2010 about the color of dinosaur very first time by disclosing the source of his own paleological study. The team of researchers identified fossilized melanosomes bearing organelles in the feathers of Sinosauropteryx. It is the first fossil dinosaur to have its color scientifically established. Sinosauropteryx was a feather bearing dinosaur though it was in filament form. These filament like protofeathers of fossil birds and dinosaurs were found in northeastern China.

These dinosaur feathers are also known as Dino fuzz. An America based scientist Jacob Vintner and his colleagues, discovered melanosomes in the dark bands of a hundred million year old feather using a scanning electron microscope. Some scientists claimed that it is not a feather because the structure of fossil is more likely to be a filamentous fiber. Some believes it to be a precursor of the feather. But both the things are controversial.   

Some researchers argued that these hair like filaments are fossilized internal collagen and not related to feathers. But further study shows filaments packed with melanosomes is in the same way as in modern feathers. So it is probably the evolutionary precursors of modern feathers.

Discovery of melanosomes in fossil feathers opens a door onto the new unknown world of prehistoric color of giant dwellers of that time. Because melanosomes contains the pigment known as melanin which is color associated pigment. Two most common types of melanin found in modern birds which is associated with grey and black feather and second is reddish brown to yellow feathers. 

Finally we know the color of only dinosaur which is Sinosauropteryx and further study is initiated regarding to this.

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