Month of September and October marks some popular and awaited releases in the box office in both Bollywood and Hollywood. With the likes of Haseena Parkar, Newton, Bhoomi, IT, Anabelle Creations etc hitting the big screen, I foresee some more upcoming films that will hit the big screen from mid October which will make Grand succcess, I contemplate.

Whats more interesting is that I have also included download links! So, Enjoy!!(updated and tested)

Here, I present a list of some Bollywood movies that will keep the festive mood going in the month end i.e from Oct 15 to Oct 31. Hope You keep your smartphone ready to book the tickets before it gets sold out :-)

1. Secret Superstar

Released on October 19

IMDB rating- 8.6/10..whoa whoa whoa that's too good ! Will it hit the box office too? Are we set for a new record?

Aamir Khan is a perfectionist. He is on the verge of repeating the history again with his starer musical drama Secret Super Star along with Zaira Wasim on the lead. The movie portrays life of a 14 year old Muslim Girl, Insia aspiring to be singer and the struggles and hurdles she faced while doing so. This film ends on a positive note with she taking help of the internet and a pompous music director.
This film somehow brings to limelight a reflection of Indian Society where stereotypical diversification does exist till date. Aamir Khan like his every film leaves a social message through the protagonist of the film. Insia teaches us how we could overcome everything and bring out the best in us if we have that passion and determination to strive.
Its really a film worth watching. Let me know your views too!

If you wanna compromise with the quality and save that penny for the upcoming film here is the download link

2. Golmal Again 

Released on October 20

imdb rating -5.8/10 Not so good though...

Directed by Rohit Shetty this bone tickling movie is back this time with even more hilarious screenplays and some new stars. Featuring Ajay Devgan in his Tenth collaboration with Rohit Shetty, Parinneti Copra, Tabbu, Arshad Warsi, Tushar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Prakash Raj and the laughter king Johny lever in main roles. It featured nana Patekar in guest appearance as well. It takes into account the story of two orphans who were separated during the stay at the orphan. Hilarious drama commences thereafter when they return back to the orphan.
It will be a great movie to laugh your heart out in the theater.
But reviews from critics for the film is not that good, Meena Iyer gave the film a 3.5 rating of TOI saying this to be a film with no substance and is a screwball comedy film. Well that is that as the saying goes it does not require a good review for a film to be a box office hit, the box office collection gives a quite quintessential justification to that. 

What are your opinions ?? Will you spend that extra penny to spend 2 hours 30 mins in the theaters? Do comment below!

OR If you wanna compromise with the quality watch it for free click the download link below

3.Jia or Jia

Releasing on October 27

This richa Chadda and Kalki Koechhin starrer road film is all set to to hit box office this Friday. A women centric film directed by Howard Rosemeyer,feature two completely different women sharing the same name as many of you might have guessed. they embark on a road trip to Sweden, a trip that changes their life completely. But who knows they are heading towards the same fate through their journey.
Trailer is very funny and shows how two completely different people could share the same fate and could be the best friends. With some light hearted dialogues, some craziness and plenty of drama.
This film awaits the release this month. This movie could be turning point for both the actresses whose career till now hasn't been very bright now. Also It will be worth noting a scene where the two divas sizzle in swimsuits in a pool.

To watch the trailer click on

4. Rukh


Releasing on October 27

This Drama centric Manoj Bajpai starrer movie will Hit the box office along with Jia and Jia this Filmy Friday. The trailer starts with a mystery of the death of a father and the struggle of his son to reveal the unknown. The story is solely based on this path chosen by the son to unscramble the truth of his father's death. His family asking him to change his path (mod de Rukh Zindegi ki ) and move on with his life. But will he listen. This will be a film for Drama lovers. Its for those who Give the plot their utmost priority will be seen enjoying the film. So will it be a match for Jia or Jia or the two stories sharing completely different genres will tie up in the battle this Friday only time can tell.

Let me know what's your view. Here is a link to the trailer

So that's it what are you waiting for plan a movie right now and don't waste your weekend..

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