How much money did 'Despacito' makes from YouTube?

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From America to India Despacito spread as a virus.The song which was released on January 2017 is now near to hit 5 billion views on YouTube. The song featuring the Spanish legend Daddy Yankee song is currently the highest viewed video ever on YouTube. You may have already viewed this song so many times on YouTube but ever do you think of how much money did this song made so far from YouTube views. If no, here is a brief explanation.

On an average, YouTube pay around 60k for 1 million views, but for an famous channel this may vary. And also for music videos ads revenue is usually high. And in case of Despacito it is even more, because Despacito is uploaded on LUISFONSIVEVO, an official Vevo channel of Luis Fonsi. That means Fonsi signed with Vevo. But if you don't know what actually Vevo means, I will give small info about it below.

Vevo stands for video evolution. It is giant venture of many music companies started in 2009 to help the music artists to earn more money from ads. It also helps in publicity of emerging artists through program called Vevo Lift. You may notice Vevo symbol on YouTube videos, which means artists of that video is signed with Vevo. Almost 80 percent of music artists are signed with Vevo due to its various advantages, Fonsi is one of them.

On an average, an artist signed with Vevo earns around 0.00238$ per view. And on calculating this rate for 4.8 billion views gives 71 crores. This may not be the exact earnings, no one knows the exact earnings expect Fonsi. But on most relevant calculations Despacito definitely made 50 to 70 crore from YouTube views.

Apart from YouTube views, there are also other sources which may earn some more crores namely music streaming services like spotify, soundcloud, itunes etc. And also CD sales is one to consider in foreign countries. Fonsi is on music field for several years but he never witnessed the success like Despacito. Even none of his video before the Despacito crossed 1 billion views on YouTube. But after Despacito his faith changed. His subscribers increased rapidly. And he recently released another song featuring Demi Lavoto which up to date has got 900 million views on YouTube. With these two hits, Fonsi wealth may nearly be increased by 10 times the wealth of him before Despacito release.

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