Think about the situation in Tamil Nadu for another two months. VIVEGAM, the Ajith Kumar film is getting released on 24th Aug 2017 and within a span of 1 and 1/2 months, Vijay film MERSAL is getting released on 19th Oct 2017 as Diwali treat.

What is the strength of Ajith in VIVEGAM?

Ajith has an equal mass and he is at par with Vijay. His previous film VEDAALAM is a proof that he is highly capable in giving his extreme performance especially in action movies. The screenplay of the movie is nicely woven by Director Siva and Anirudh provided a superb support with his extraordinary BGM and songs. The strength of VIVEGAM is the same team of VEDAALAM joined again. This is the main reason for such high expectations in Tamilnadu for this Ajith movie. Note that such expectations didn't arise when Ajith movies like BILLA2 and AARAMBAM are released. Definitely VIVEGAM will be a good click for Ajith this time, whatever the quality of the movie may be. This is my straight forward guess.

About MERSAL...

Vijay need a sure hit this time. Because of his previous "above average" movie BAIRAVAA and on the worst side the movie PULI, Vijay waits for a "must" hit this time. What created hype for MERSAL this time is due to two reasons. One is the combination of director Atlee and Vijay. Earlier film THERI with this combination is a massive hit in Tamilnadu. Another reason for this hype is A.R.Rahman in combination with Vijay. Their combinations in earlier films UDHAYA and AZHAGIYA TAMILMAGAN didn't clicked much and definitely this film could be a relief due to director Atlee.


Let us take a new dimension. If we compare the trend of directions between Atlee and Siva, definitely the up lift is from Siva only. Compared to his first film SIRUTHAI, his recent one VEDAALAM is a much better one and matured. But it is not so for Atlee. Compared to his first film RAJA RANI, the second one THERI is slightly on down side though it is a massive hit in Tamil Nadu.


With this analysis, mostly VIVEGAM clicks more and gains the heart of fans than MERSAL. Things may change at any time and go reverse too. We have to wait and see.

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