Passion. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Joy.
They all add up to this. The Aiyaary Trailer! 
Here it is. Intriguing. Exciting. Thrilling. Engaging. With all our hopes at a bar so high, Aiyaary Trailer definitely lives up to all our expectations.
A soldier. An army. A student. A mentor. 
Aiyaary Trailer gives us a whole new world to explore. 
Amidst all the repetitive remakes, Aiyaary comes out to be a ray of hope for all the die hard Bollywood fans. Gripping throughout, it doesn't give us a moment for criticism. A step towards changing the Indian cinema, Neeraj Pandey doesn't let us feel disappointed. Proving how important a quality film is, Neeraj Pandey gives his best in Aiyaary. The amount of hard work he put in for this film is all worth it. An intriguing genre with a gripping story line. He proves his brilliance with Aiyaary Trailer itself (The film is yet to release). 
Our very own Vikram Sethi is back. He's back with a bang. He's back to rule our hearts. He's back to prove how amazing he is. He's back to prove his versatility. After a murder mystery (Ittefaq) that has still conquered our hearts & souls, and will continue to do so, he's back with Aiyaary. Major Jai Bakshi, an honest army officer trying to save our lives. Trying to find out the truth that nobody knows. Trying to depict the importance of our Indian Army. Trying to showcase what it takes to be an army officer. Here he comes on 26th January, 2018 as Major Jai Bakshi. 

The talented Manoj Bajpayee obviously doesn't need an introduction. The industry is so lucky to have him & now he's here with Aiyaary showcasing his talent as a mentor of an Army Officer. And the beautifully charming Rakul Preet who's gonna steal our hearts with her chaotically gracious screen presence. 
Aiyaary comes out this republic day, on the 26th of January, 2018. If you're a die hard Bollywood fan, then you don't have a chance of missing it guys. I hope it rules our hearts as well as the box office just like it deserves to. 

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