The birth of this quasi-fairy tale took place on the sets of a television commercial in 2013, when a belligerent and aggressive batsman of the Indian cricket team met a talented and sensational actress of Bollywood. This as the world would later come to know, turned out to be the hallowed scene of a fairy tale where a handsome prince meets an angelic, pulchritudinous maid and as clichéd tales of magic realism decree, sparks of love started flying between them. Guess who are the protagonists of this tale? This is perhaps the easiest guesswork you have had in your life so far. Yes, they are Virat and Anushka or more popularly Virushka.

Virat and Anushka’s  first meet

Soon after the commercial shoot, rumours went afloat that the two are apparently dating each other. This rumour was however rubbished by the couple when they declared that it was a mere camaraderie and there was no truth whatsoever in the rumours. However, speculations about the brewing intimacy between the two kept on doing rounds, further bolstered by tell-tale signs such as uninhibited display of proximity at various parties, ceremonies and promotional events where the two remained inseparably together with their arms locked in love and affection, much to the jealousy of ardent female fans of the numero-uno batsman of the Indian cricket team. The first official announcement about the status-quo of their relationship came in the form of a twitter post where the heart-throb batsman declared that there was nothing to hide and his tweet was complemented by a similar post from the graceful Anushka.​

Virushka at promotional, inseparably together

The cynical critics spared no time in unleashing their horses as they labelled the relationship as an ephemeral one, frequently seen in the glitter world and surmised how it will arrest Kohli’s career and hamper his vibrant form. On the other hand, the Kohli fans presumed this to be the beginning of a magical and romantic tale. The prophecy of the critics became ostensibly true for a brief stint when Kohli stumbled upon a bad patch in his career and failed to get a good score in several matches. Unfortunately, the onus of Kohli’s poor performance was thrust upon his lady love which was indeed a frivolous and facile expression. The die-hard fans of Kohli refused to let go off his hand even in this tough time, defending the star player and vehemently opposing his critics with lines of sorts, “Form is temporary, class is permanent”. That Kohli is an authority in cricket is an indubitable fact and even most vociferous critics of Kohli helplessly admit it. Moreover, judging a player on the basis of some matches would be facetious and grossly superficial. King Kohli as correctly presaged by his followers quickly regained his form and has since gone on breaking records on his crusade of etching an eternal place in the history of cricket. The critics posing as illuminati of predicting the future have been more or less silenced by Kohli’s unstoppable and unparalleled performances in most of the matches.

A fairy tale seems to be lacklustre without hurdles. Indeed the strength of a relationship lies in standing the test of time, being stymied by various adversities yet growing and eventually emerging galvanised and stronger than ever. This tale was no different. On a couple of occasions, rumours went abuzz that the two had parted ways, further fuelled by Kohli’s act of unfollowing Anushka on twitter. On one occasion, he was offended by Anushka’s revealing outfit for a photoshoot intended to be published on the cover of a men’s magazine. On another occasion, Kohli was miffed at her when she apparently turned down his marriage proposal for the sake of her career. Having parted ways, the two lovebirds soon realized that they can't stay away from each other and reconciliation was quick - Virushka returned.

King Kohli is perhaps the kind of partner, every girl dreams to have. He is said to be loving, caring, affectionate and most importantly a fighter for protecting his lady’s dignity. Every poor performance of Kohli was frivolously ascribed to his growing intimacy with Anushka which was followed by a barrage of abusive posts by a section of twitterati. While Virushka fans fought aggressively on the social media platform, King Kohli freed his sword from the scabbard and lunged out on the battlefield to preserve the dignity of his lady love as he came out with an angry post expressing his disgust at the shamelessness and dearth of brain of the abusers. The handsome hunk’s post extolling his lady and attributing his betterment of attitude on field to the positivity instilled in him by her, hushed the abusers once and for all. Kohli at the inception of his career was quite infamous for on-field display of impetuosity and asperity. Now he is a far matured player with an improved attitude and he attributed this change to his love. Thus the lady, I believe, deserves to be praised instead of being vilified. This firm stand of Kohli against the abusers perhaps turned the flame of love burning inside Anushka’s heart into a raging inferno as the two were back again with a stronger bond.

The quasi-fairy-tale stood complete except that the nuptial knot was yet to be tied. We could sense that the final scene was about to get unfolded and the fairy tale would culminate in marriage as Anushka Sharma was seen at the Mumbai Airport with her family members, leaving for an unknown destination in December. Predictions proved right again as photos of the couple tying the knot at Tuscany in Italy started flooding every social media platform. Taking the distant destination as the haven for tying knot is perceived by many to be a deliberate move by the couple to avert the media frenzy over celebrity wedding in India which often becomes exasperating for such couples and the family members. Thus the magical tale of love that has stretched over a span of four years had reached the climax. The ceremony in Italy was attended only by close friends and relatives. A gala party was thrown in Delhi at the plush Durbar Hall of Taj which had attendance of political bigwigs and few cricketers like Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh and  Shikhar Dhawan. The honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi was invited personally by Virushka and he did pay a visit and granted his blessings, wishing them a very happy and prosperous married life. Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley was also among the invitees. A lavish reception was then organised at Mumbai's St. Regis which observed the August presence of glitterati from the glamour world of Bollywood and the cricket fraternity.

Virushka with special invitation to Narendra Modi   

Narendra Modi at New Delhi reception of Virushka

The adorable couple at the Mumbai reception​

As the cute couple Virushka were probably having the best time of their lives, the fans were busy sharing the pictures of the adorable couple on the social media and congratulatory messages wishing them marital bliss dominated the internet for several days after their marriage was solemnized. We would never grow tired of praising the strength of their relationship and we hope their love remains un-mitigated throughout their lifetime.

Having narrated this real life story of Virushka, I wonder whether the inception of this tale was indeed on the sets of the commercial ad—some bonds, they say, are made in heaven, so is the bond of Virushka, I suppose—and there lies the birthplace.

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