Evolution in various aspects of life has begun even before the evolution of the word itself. There are certain processes and culinary followed in the past, however with time those concepts evolve and formulate into something that is then accepted in the present situation. Fashion has evolved too and so has yoga fashion.

Yoga has been one of the oldest forms of exercising and getting a perfect balance between your mind and body. It has been close to four thousand years back when this form of activity came into existence and just how some of the traditional yoga postures have been given modern names, yoga wear has evolved too.

In the early days when mankind was introduced to such a concept, most people wear Dhotis or Dhotars. It is tied with a plain cloth of a specific predefined length and has a complex way of typing. It is considered to be a very free flowing outfit making movements easier. Soon the trend changed and adopting yoga suits were in vogue. These suits looked just like this century’s kurta-pyjama. These were mainly in the colour white and hence the aesthetic appeal of this garment was very peaceful. Soon the trend changed to wearing just yoga shorts. These shorts were almost of the length of this century’s boxer shorts. The problem with this outfit was that it was wide bottomed and when postured where one’s flexibility was tested their intimate parts could be visible.

Then came similar yoga shorts, called as yoga bloomers which were fitting towards the thigh, making it less exposing in nature. These were worn with plain t-shirts. But as time changes and people became aware of distinguishing between the clothing that men and women must wear, women adopted leotards with tights. This form of attire was also used by women who exercised aerobics back then. Moving on, came yoga body suits that had to be worn as one piece completely. This again introduced flexibility and comfort.

Looking at the trend today, yoga leggings which are slightly similar to yoga tights; just that they fit, look better and have greater functionality. These are either teamed with a loose t-shirt or a yoga crop top. Beneath all of this is when women wear a yoga bra or a sports bra. The only difference between the two is that since yoga is a low intensity form of workout, these yoga bras are designed according this form of exercise and respective support required. The yoga pants are elastic and have redefined comfort.

In the picture above is a trendy set of a yoga outfit that gives you the benefit of contributing to the environment around since Satva creates organic clothing in association with Suminter India Organics. This helps in not only creating a balance between the mind and the body but also the environment.

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