Me: Alas! The google is saying that there are riots everywhere. Have you heard about it?

Better half: Obviously, I know about it.

Me: 😡 So when will you tell me when I am sitting with them “humari mange puri karo and what are mange who knows”.

Better half: Aree situation is under control.

Me: I also can reach to goggle, dun try to fool me. I read it was Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar 200th birth anniversary and they were celebrating it and amidst something took their minds off.

Better half: 😂 I knew it, you won’t read it and before that only you will start dancing. It is not related to that.

Me: Then what it is about, I read some, where this reason.

Better half: Bhima Koregaon is a place where on 1st January 1818 British army has established victory pillar and from that day Dalit celebrated this victory over Peshwa.

Me: Oh my god! These days this social networking sites just keep spreading rumours. The situation will be worst in one read but the other person will edit the name of the area and then forward it, thus rumours are at spill.

Me: Every body on the road is just running at a speed of 70 km/h just to reach home and to get rid of the fear of answering a question “To which caste you belong”.

House of Parliament: Triple Talak bill is sidelined. Blaming game is going on. Government and opposition party are blaming each other for Bhima Koregaon incident.

Better half: I told you it’s a political upfront. 

Me: You told me it was some other issue. Why are you sitting in the bus in which parliament members are already traveling?

Sibling: (calling from Mumbai) They are beating local trains here.

Me: Dun step out of your home else they will ask your caste certificate.

I started googling on more updates on bandh. It had hampered life, people are pissed off. News of stone pelting on trains is all around. Internet is at blaze. No one on the road, only rallies are happening. Several police are deployed and are monitoring situations, wherein people are busy recording videos standing there only and then posting on whatsapp group this, creating havoc. Watching that videos people sitting at home will also shout at their voice “What are these people up to”.

Better half: I think it’s our moral responsibility to use social networking sites with responsibility. 

Me: Moreover everyone should remember, we all are humans. 

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