SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TONIGHT (Chap 15) - Hidden messages

Category : FICTION Author : Kairavi Kaul Date : Sat Mar 03 2018

​Nisha sat down in the huge sitting area occupying a seat at the very end of the room. She wrapped her shawl tightly around herself. She loved sitting close to the fireplace. In this moment, nothing could bother her, nothing, except her thoughts which were racing in her mind. The wedding had been great, Juhi was blissfully happy, the entire family was looking so bright and cheerful. But despite of all their happy moments together, Nisha was glad that they had left. She wanted to be like herself now. She was sick of faking it all for people. Two more days and then she would speak to Mrs. Bharti again. But there was something that was stopping her. But what was it?

​"This place seems to be so cozy," Diya said while giving Nisha a cup of coffee.

​"I particularly like it here near the fireplace. Such things have their own charm.These burning logs of wood look so beautiful and peaceful. Its as if they aren't burning but glowing! Glowing from within."

​"You know Nisha, when all the crap within us gets burnt, we too can glow from the inside out."

​"But Diya, there is a difference here. These logs feel no pain, but we do."

​"You are getting it wrong here. Wouldn't they have felt pain when the big old tree was chopped down?"

​"Their source of life was destroyed and now they burn to provide warmth to others. By the way Diya, how come we are discussing all this?"

​"I guess that we are enchanted by this fireplace."

​"You know what Diya, I feel as if this fireplace, these burning logs of wood are trying to tell me something?"

​"That we should be environment friendly and save trees?"

​"Stop it Diya! This isn't funny."

​"I am not mocking you. I am strongly against destruction of forests."

​"Diya please, what I am trying to say is that I have a strong feeling that this fireplace has a hidden message for me."

​"Do you have any memories attached to fireplaces?"

​"No, I dont."

​" Excuse me mam," a young lady from the hotel staff walked towards Diya, "your room is all ready now. We have fixed everything and here are your keys."

​"Thank you."

​"Its good," said Diya turning towards Nisha, "that you will also be staying in my room."

​"Yes, its great. I love free stuff. But I still doubt it. Your story seems genuine but..."

​"Calm down Nisha! Today is the first day of the celebration week. Lets slow down a bit."

​"I guess you are right but we need to be super careful."

​"What do you say about looking for a job?" asked Diya, "I just can't figure out what to do. I don't know how to go about with this."

​"Don't worry," said Nisha, "Love knows best."

​"What do you mean by that?"

​Their conversation was disturbed by a sudden loud sound of thunder which almost scared them.

​"The weather is at its worst," said Diya, "I hope that we do not have any power cuts."

​"Don't worry Diya, these are just thundering clouds. I don't think that it will rain."

​"What do you think," said Diya, "about a walk outside?"

​"Are you out of your mind? Its terribly cold outside. I don't want to catch the flu."

​"Come on Nisha, just for ten minutes, please."

​"Ah! I guess that you are not going to give up. So lets go."

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