SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TONIGHT (Chap 17) - Enchanted messages

Category : FICTION Author : Kairavi Kaul Date : Wed Mar 07 2018

​Please note that this story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to any event or person, living or dead is purely coincidental. We do not intend on offending any race, religion or community.

​"I guess this is the most unique celebration I have ever seen," said Vivan as he was happily admiring the beauty of the place. "Twenty five years of this hotel and they are celebrating it well. Luckily we got a chance to attend this."

​"Yes", replied Arjun, "Boss suddenly got the idea that he should bring the whole team here and that too on the company's expenses. God knows why?"

​"At least", continued Arjun, "he could have informed us in advance. Rushing here soon after the meeting was so tiring."

​"But you know what", said Vivan, "its all worth it. Trust me, this is going to be grand."

​Nisha was getting dressed while Diya was busy eating her evening snacks.

​"Why don't you eat too?" she asked Nisha.

​"I am not hungry and I need to get dressed fast."

​"Whats the hurry?"

​"Do you know that in tonight's celebration they have invited a few tarot card readers?"

​"Oh, I didn't know that. But why are you so excited about this?"

​"Because this is exactly what I need at the moment !"

​"What? You want someone to predict your future?"

​"Come on Diya, stop acting so dumb. Its not about predicting the future. These people help you to tap into yourself and help you figure out whats best for you and also help you get divine messages."

​"That sounds pretty cool ! Shall I go for it too?"

​"I suggest that you do."

​"Tarot card readings? Come on Vivan, how can you like all this girly stuff?", Arjun said feeling surprised.

​"Who told you that this all is girly stuff?" Vivan snapped back angrily.

​"Okay, I am sorry," said Arjun, "its just that I feel this way."

​"Ms. Manya is here this evening," said Vivan, "its a great opportunity to get a personal reading with her, else she hardly ever comes to Dehradun."

​"What do you want to know?", asked Arjun.

​"O my God", exclaimed Nisha, "its free for the first ten guests and we are so on time."

​"What are you going to ask her?" asked Diya.

​"I am going to ask her about Santa's message."

​"What message?"

​"Its my turn to go in. Here, hold my phone."

​Nisha went in while Diya stood there still, feeling terribly confused about all this. She had never attended any such reading before and she did not have the least idea how to go about with it.

"What shall I speak to her about?" she thought.

​Nisha was now happily sitting before the reader. She was enchanted by the beautifully decorated room. Adorned with candles and roses, the dimly lit room looked mystical in all aspects.

"Its amazing!" she thought.

​"Good evening dear", the reader spoke, "I am so glad to meet you."

​"I too feel the same," Nisha replied.

​"Before we begin, let me introduce myself. I am Ms. Manya from the Tapping hearts association and I am a tarot card reader and an angel guide. Now may I know your name."

​"Its Nisha."

​"All right Nisha, so do you have anything particular in mind?"

​"Well I recently received a message from someone and I have a feeling that its got something to do with my current situation."

​"Okay so I will lay out three sets of cards for you and you shall pick one while thinking of your message. Is that all right?'


​"Now let me shuffle these cards first."

​Diya was sitting on a huge sofa with a worried look on her face.

​"Why can't two people go in together?" she thought, "if Nisha could go in with me she could help me out with this. I don't know how to go about with this."

​Ms. Manya neatly laid out three sets of cards before Nisha.

​"All right, so we are all set. Just tap into your heart and make your choice. And don't worry, the angels are here to guide you."

Nisha closed her eyes for a moment, thinking of Santa's message. She took a deep breath in and then laid her left hand on the third set of cards as she exhaled out.

"Okay my child, well done. Now lets see what you have got."

"I got it", Diya exclaimed out aloud. People sitting next to her gave her a puzzled look but she hardly cared.

" Great," she thought," this is exactly what I want to know. I hope Nisha comes out fast. Now I am excited for my turn."

Ms. Manya picked up the chosen set of cards and turned it towards herself.

"Okay, I get this. I see it, so this first card suggests FIRE, that is you have been walking through hell fire uptil now."

All her bitter experiences at her job flased in front of her. The memory of all those days she had felt ill at ease made her cringe.

"And we have this one next, Oh look here, do you see this?"

Nisha looked closely and saw a girl dancing in the moonlight.

"This represents peace in the midst of chaos. You are going to dance through all your troubles. Don't give me that puzzled look my child, let me explain this. You are having trouble and you have a choice either to weep through it or to dance through it."

"And I am also getting something more, all right lets see the other one. Now what does this card say? Choices! Yes thats what its saying. You will have to make choices and that too pretty difficult ones. Oh, we also have THE EMBRACE CHANGE card. So you need to embrace the change and not fight it."

Nisha was slowly absorbing all divine messages. Her heart was beginning to pacify her troubled mind and she felt a sense of harmony within her. The word "embrace" struck a cord within her and the other messages too deeply resonated with her. She had been fighting off her feelings for so long. Now was the time to embrace them, now was the time to embrace the new path.

"And finally we have the angel card. Lets see what the divine wants you to know. Okay, this card here says LOVE KNOWS BEST. This is awesome. You need to make your choices based on what you love and when you do that you are going to dance through all your troubles.!"

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