Diya stepped out of the train. The morning was cold and so was her heart. The chilly wind swept past her face. Diya stood there for a moment, examining her surroundings. Nothing special, a simple railway platform and another cold winter morning. She caught sight of two kids happily stepping out of the train with her parents. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. She badly wanted to call her family, but could not gather the courage to do so. She had texted them that she was fine and had reached Dehradun safely. Fine, yes she was fine. Fine is the word we use when we are not okay, but can't admit to that.

Diya had been standing there for quite a few minutes. People walked past her, the weather was at its worst, she could hear the voices of vendors and the continuous announcement at the station. She was having continuous thoughts of rushing back home. Her phone rang. It was her mom. "Diya, what are you doing? Come on, don't act stupid. Come back home."

For a moment she thought of doing as her mom said. But the very next moment, she felt a strong surge of hope rise in her heart. For the first time in her life she said these words to her mom, "Dont worry maa if i am acting stupid because sometimes we don't understand the difference between stupidity and wisdom. I don't know whether I am acting wise or stupid. You may be right and I maybe wrong, or it maybe the other way around. But if I come back, I will never be able to get the answer. You know what maa, being stupid or wise is not determined by what lies outside of us. It is rather determined by what lies inside of us. In my opinion, we act stupid when we ignore love and put our faith in fear. Your opinion may be different, but I want to at least give myself a chance."

Diya didn't know from where those words came. Maybe she spoke straight from her heart. She felt a sudden rush of warmth in her heart. It was as if fear had begun to melt away from her heart. It was as if her wish had been granted!

"I am sorry mam, there is no such thing going on in our hotel." Diya blankly stared at the receptionist. "There must be a mistake. This was the address printed on my admission slip," Diya said handing over her admission slip to the receptionist. The receptionist stared at it for a moment and then dialed a number. "Good morning sir, we have a slight issue here. A lady named Ms.....Jiya, no sorry sir, Ms Diya, is saying that our hotel has been booked by some.......whats the name?.... Ah yes, some mother earth society for admission related work. Yes sir, okay, okay, yes I will, sure, thank you."

The receptionist finally put down the phone. Diya looked at her hopefully. "I am sorry mam, I have got it verified. Our hotel is not involved in any such thing."

Diya didnt know what to say. This was the same address printed and now.....

Her eyes fell on a newspaper lying across the table. She quickly picked it up." Scam in the name of mother earth." Diya felt sick, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, she was sweating and felt nauseated. The newspaper said that people would be sent their refunds, but for her it was not about refunds. It was a matter and hope. Her eyes were brimming with tears, her forehead was covered in drops of sweat, she was a total mess."No," she said, "I am not afraid."

"Excuse me, can you please book a room here on my name?"

"Just give me a moment mam."

Diya felt sure that things were not going to go the way she had planned. But she had faith that they would go the way God had planned. Maybe her plans were getting in the way of God's plans. Letting go of fear and holding on to faith she was ready to begin her new journey ahead.

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