CHAPTER 2 Part 2



          I couldn’t resist her beauty. Her skin, seemingly bathed in milk and glowing like a full moon, compelled my eyes to betray the decision I made. I had never experienced so much pleasure in merely looking at someone. God! She is just so beautiful! I kept thinking to myself.

          It was around 9. 
     We were done with the subject and I was done battling my eyes, attempting to restrain them from stealing glances of the angel amidst us. I considered myself lucky for not being caught by anyone while I was indulged in the crime of stealing glances of her beauty. A part of me hated the moment when we were about to leave. That insane part of me wanted some more time to scrutinize her beauty.
      Just a little more time. I wished. But, I had to put up a stubborn face. I couldn’t let anyone know how mesmerized I was, especially her.
       We were all leaving.
        “Arnav, thank you, thanks a lot.” She delivered a very sweet, nightingale-like voice which complimented her beauty.
      “No Problem!” I smiled, thinking that would be the end of our conversation, rather hoping it to be.
      “You know, this subject gives me Goosebumps. I just hate mathematics.” Her itching voice supported her words.

      “Beware Priya, it's Arnav’s third love after athletics and cricket.”  Akhil would always come up with some witty lines. The only time he would be serious was while playing cricket.
           Akhil, the wicket-keeper of our college cricket team, was the funniest guy with the wittiest jokes. He had spiky light brown hair gelled on top, that he loved dearly. The other thing he loved was sarcasm. He would always find ways to insult someone in the group, not giving a damn if they were offended. He would say things out loud which many would whisper in their minds. He never said anything behind anyone’s back, but straight to their face - the thing I liked about him the most! He would never have any sort of filter between his thoughts and his words. Good or bad, it was his nature. Humor and pranks were his subordinates. We knew each other as we represented our college cricket team. Akhil would open the batting proceedings with me.
       “But you explained it really well.” Priya continued ignoring Akhil’s comments. “I hope I will do well in coming tests.” Her eyes turned towards me before asking Akhil to shut up.   
        “I’m sure you will.” And now the optimistic Arnav was peeping out. It’s funny how boys change their nature instantly in front of girls, beautiful girls. I think that is what makes us boys.
     “Hey, can I have your contact number?” Priya asked abruptly. “In case I have any doubts.” Her expressions suggested that she regretted asking me my number. Well, she wasn’t to be blamed. The kind of abhorrent history I shared with the girls was the actual cause, I could never talk with a girl without being rude.
      “Sorry, I don’t use phone.” I averred.
     “We can meet tomorrow evening. Same place, same time.” The awkward moment between us was filled by Sourav’s words.
        “Sure, come to call me.” I plastered a smile on my face.
        We all left.
    “Arnav, bye.”


     Priya yelled from across the road, loud enough to garner all the passer-by’s attention. I heard it loud and clear, but something stopped me from turning and waving back to her. I wasn’t used to such kind of stuff. I don’t know what it was - the ego, the stubborn nature, the rude aura I carried around myself or the fact that I was afraid of losing my senses yet again looking at her beauty, that restrained me from turning back. Her mercilessly beautiful looks not only intimidated me but scared me out of my wits. I wasn’t going to look back at her again. I wasn’t going to risk looking back at her.
      She engulfed disappointment and left on her red Scooty pep.

     Later that night, everything ceased to stay true to its nature. I could sense something deepening its root into my heart and escalating its branches into my mind at the same time. That moment garnered the feelings I never was exposed to before.
      Why am I thinking about a girl I’ve just met? Why does her face keep flashing in front of my eyes? I don’t even know her last name. Why am I being so dramatic? It’s nothing. I am just being filmy. I have exams on Monday. I should probably concentrate on that.”
      Fortunate enough for my wobbling heart, and weakening will-power, I was able to keep my feelings in check. After a splattering, protracted night, Sunday finally arrived with no much excitement about Priya. It was a normal Sunday until…

    “Ma’am, it's Aunt Lily on the phone” The maid, with the phone in her hand, called out for Principal ma’am.

    “Yes, just a sec.” Ma’am said, “I’ll be back in no time, Arnav” She went inside to attend the call.

     While she was on the phone, I realized that I wasn’t feeling heavy anymore. The riots in my mind condensed to make me feel better about my life. The tears in my heart had miraculously dried up. I nearly blanked out about the recent disasters in my life. Sharing things with ma’am was actually working out pretty well.
     “Sorry for the interruption. Please continue.” Finishing her call, she seemed reluctant to waste another second. “Where were we?” She tried recalling the resumption point. “Umm, Ahh! It was Sunday.”
    Her interest in my story flattered me. Scaling up my enthusiasm, I made a decision to let her into the sacred part of my heart where a love-story was intact.
      “Yes, it was Sunday.” I continued with pumped excitement. “It was a normal day until I realized that it, being the first Sunday of August, commemorated the ‘Friendship’s Day!’ The very next thought that raced into my mind was about Priya.”

     There was this strange kind of feeling dawning inside me making me feel paranoid and ecstatic, both at the same time.

    “You look restless, everything fine?” I would never know how mothers can figure out things so quickly. God has granted them with some special powers, which abides them with their child’s feelings.
      “Nah, just relaxing.”
          I was waiting in the balcony for more or less an hour, hoping Sourav would come to call me, which would eventually enhance my prospects to see Priya, probably the most beautiful girl.
           It was 6. Though my heart wished for it, I knew no one was coming. I felt depressed and disheartened. Something deep in my heart made me desperate to meet Priya. 
    “Mom, what does friendship mean?” Restlessness, engrossing me, compelled me to ask this question, which ultimately lead a path to my heart’s condition which mom was going to explore anyway.
     “What’s her name?” Prudence in her voice, mom, as if she was reading my mind, had some magical powers at work. Her intuition, which had to be right every single time, was hiding in her question – ‘What’s her name?’
     “What, who...Who…whose name?” I was still guessing what is it about mothers so magical and trying my best to act normal. But whom was I kidding, my mom!
      “The one because of whom you are asking this aberrant question.”
  “Ugh! Mom! I was just asking because today is friendship’s day. Now I have to study. Got exams tomorrow.”

    “Okay, at least tell me is she really very beautiful?” My mom, the coolest in this entire universe, the best friend any son can ever have, spared no chance to pull my leg.

           “You are crazy! You can link every single thing to my girlfriend which is apocryphal and doesn’t even exists for now!” I couldn’t let mom know what I was feeling about a girl I just met. I couldn’t tell her. How can you explain something that you don’t understand yourself?

     “Just for now?” She asked with a wicked smile which ultimately turned into a laughter.
      “Aaarrnnavvv…….. Aaarrnnavvv…..” The sweetest voice fell onto my ears. I was advancing through the corridors towards my exam block. Light beige half sleeved shirt, trousers of the same color, brown tie, and brown leather shoes, the only purpose of the uniform, which I had always assumed, was to make us look stupid!

    “Arnav….. ….wait!!” Priya was hurrying through the corridors, which to me, appeared like an aisle, she was walking down to get right inside my heart!
      All the students, with books in their hands and worry dangling on their dull, arid face, probably the aftereffect of burning the midnight oil, were about to enter their respective exam blocks. The exam was about to commence in 10 minutes. With every step that Priya took towards me, she seemed to appear more and more beautiful. It felt like magic. Her glowing face, eyes - full of life, those pink luscious lips, which would make me skip a heartbeat every time she smiled, strengthened my believe that God had put in some extra efforts to mould her beauty.

    “Hey...…hiiiiii!” Her excited toned mesmerized me. I never imagined any girl would look incredibly beautiful even in the uniform - Light beige (pale creamy brown) half sleeved shirt, beige trousers, brown leather shoes, and the yellow colored scarf around her neck, hair - single plait with brown-colored ribbon. The uniform, which made most of us look stupid, couldn’t hide the alluring curves of her body. With every word she spoke, I would only follow the movement of her lips and not actually what she would say. “Where is your block?” She asked trying to catch her breath.

    “Right here, this one.” After coming back to my senses, I pointed to the classroom in front of us.

    “All the very best!!” She offered me a handshake with delight in her elegant eyes.

    Silk! Her hands felt like silk. Her hand, the epitome of softness, was in my hand.

    “I have to hurry! Still to find my block. I am in 6B I guess. See you after the exam.” She said while keeping the books in her bag.

    I was too intimidated by her presence to utter a word. All I could do was foolishly scan her beauty hoping my heart wouldn’t stop functioning.

    She left with that killing smile of hers. It was patent under her beauty. My heart captured every ounce of her smile.

    {All the best, Princess! }
     Finally, I managed to utter some words in my mind. It was too late though.

                                                                           . . . . to be continued . . . . 

CH 2 Part 3 :  13 JAN '18



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