Years of determination, dedication and diligence was what it took him to reach the position he occupied at the world’s most successful space organisation. He had always tried to fill his dad’s shoes and when he boarded the spaceship with his 3 subordinates, his mind was flooded with memories of the times his old man taught him about the mysteries of space that waited to be unravelled.
He was 3 when he visited the space centre for the first time. A simulation room was where his newly developed brain came to know about the expanding horizons of the universe. As the years passed by, his interest in space piqued. Models of different planets of the solar system excited him. He had learned all about the sun, the chemistry and the physics behind the big bang theory and had understood everything there was to know about the god particle, before he bid adieu to his teenage.
At the age of 19 in the year 2090, he became the youngest recruit in the space organisation. His father, who normally kept his emotions in check, was the first to shed tears of joy when he was sure that his son could achieve what he could not. The old man always wanted that life on another planet be discovered in his lifetime. He wanted to die with the knowledge that his planet was not the only one to sustain life. But even after the successful Mars mission, they had to wait a long time before the governments across the planet allowed a personnel expedition to another planet.
The mars mission in 2086, which happened when the old man was 70 and the son 15, comprised of a personnel expedition that had been successful in finding fossils beneath the surface as had been predicted from decades. And the old man was sure that even though he had retired, his son who had just joined the space organisation could easily be selected in the next mission. And true to his heart’s desire, his son got selected in the personnel expedition to another planet. Even though it happened in the year 3018 and he was not alive to witness it.
And so it happened that the son was now off to search life halfway across the universe. He was always fascinated by UFOs. He had never seen one of course. But all the stories he had heard during his childhood about aliens visiting the planet had a gripping effect on his mind. He wanted life to exist somewhere else. He had made discovering it, the sole mission of his life. The mars mission had led to the possibility that life could have existed in the past. But could it exist at today’s time was the question for which his team was being sent.
The planet had always excited him. Reports of life sustaining conditions on the planet were present from as far back as the year 2011. It was 5 years after they had discarded the last planet revolving the sun from the category of “planets”. The target planet had the same number of planets in its solar system, was on a reasonable distance from its sun and was big enough as the reports from 2011 suggested.
They reached the planet after months of travelling in a space ship that brought them 600 light years far from their home planet. Their hibernation ended as soon as they reached the atmosphere of the planet. It was this atmosphere which had always rendered the cameras of previous ships inactive and led to the need of a personnel expedition. And what they witnessed was truly amazing. There were fireworks going on all around the place they had landed. Their ship being invisible due to its chameleon technology allowed them to witness the events that followed. And their multi language translator equipment picked up whatever speech signal it could to make it easier for them.

They had landed at the time when the inhabitants were celebrating the start of a new year. It was the year 2018 on the planet. A smile paved its way on his face. He had finally discovered life on earth.

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