Investing in bitcoins is not good. The model looks like a pyramid game and the risk that it may end up wrong is very great. Therefore, it is better to stay away from investment in bitcoins. A lot of people, especially young, are attracted to the opportunity to invest in bitcoins. Invented by Satochi Nakamoto in 2008, bitcoin is a virtual currency. Bitcoins are extracted from an online mining process. 
It is taken out by solving computational tasks with microchips and special programs. Bitcoins are also traded on stock exchanges and it can also be purchased directly on special bitcoin exchanges started for the purpose or through any other exchange that deals with bitcoin trade. The amount of bitcoins is limited to twenty-one million bitcoins, which means that the bitcoin currency creates an economy where prices of services go down. 

When the demand for bitcoins rise, the value of the bitcoin will also rise and the price of goods in bitcoins will therefore come down. This relation is challenging one and means that, in the long run, other virtual currencies will most likely be created because the cost of this is very low. The value of the bitcoin currency is not guaranteed and secured by any authorities or any agencies. 
While the Bitcoins differ widely in value, the options for making use of the currency are limited. In spite of this, bitcoins have increased circulation and, therefore, have also increased in value, even though there has also been a substantial drop in its value at times. As an investment object, bitcoins are suggestive of pyramid games. The prices keep increasing as long as more users are lured into the game. 
As and when the entry of new players slows down, the lure of the game may run out of prizes, and the last participants will be left with the demand for payment. There are instances how a number of different currencies in the changing financial system on the street that sooner or later led to someone being cheated. There were things, which for the very rare kind were traded at completely unrealistic prices.

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