Earn Online - 5 Profit Making Online Businesses you can start with Zero Investment

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Earn online, after all it's 2018. We are in an online digital era where even our government is trying to make everything digital. So this year make the most of the online opportunities by trying out any of the below, but don't forget to first study in detail about the options before you start. Below are ways by which you can earn online in 2018.

1. Blogging

You have heard this word a million times, many people blog but it requires a lot of skill to become a successful blogger. You can be a travel blogger and blog about your travel experiences or be a food blogger and share all your thoughts about food. Apart from food and travel which are very common, there are many other blogging types like technology etc. Study your own field of interest and start a free blog on any free blogging platform, learn and earn in a simple manner whenever someone reads your blog through Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense advertisement integration.

2. YouTube

YouTube pay per 1000 views or so, depending upon the content and the country from where the maximum views are generated. To begin, start a YouTube channel and start uploading videos, the videos can showcase your special talents. Be it singing, drawing, acting, dancing or even cooking; anything which you excel at and can be shown as an interesting video. It can help you earn a few bucks when it goes viral. All you need is a good camera smartphone, basic editing knowledge and a good network of friends and family to set the views ball rolling.

3. Developing Applications

Apps are everywhere, everyone uses one or the other app; so why not enter the market with an app and make something which helps you to earn money and at the same time helps people solve some problem or provides them information on something. You don't need to know programming to launch an app, you can get a freelancer to make it for you and request him to take payment once the app starts making money through adverts & download.

4. E Books

If you have knowledge on something which others might find useful to refer to or if you are a storyteller than launch an E book on any of the websites like Amazon KDP or the likes and get paid when your book is appreciated. Even if you are not good at writing, you can still come out with a E Book. Just hire someone, a friend may be, to write it for you and request for payment to be made after you start earning.

5. Amazon and eBay 

Become a seller on Amazon and eBay if you have a knack of selling things. These sites offer online stores platform and charge a minimal feel off your profit. You can buy locally and ship once you receive an order online.

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