The uncertain economic period in which we live today increases the importance of good financial decisions. Any financial decision requires first planning and then action as per that planning. The most important concerns when making financial decisions should be to avoid financial difficulties and also to increase our financial prosperity and safety. Being rich may mean different thing to different people. For some it means not to have financial worries. 

For some people, it is being able to pay their bills on time, and for a lot of others, it means to have substantial income and own properties. Also, the way every person thinks to become rich differs from one person to another. Some people create wealth from their own business, while others focus on a well paid job. One way we can increase our wealth is to invest smartly. 

With all the above said differences, we all want to be able to control our financial situation and be able to enjoy our life to the extent we can. To achieve this goal and also go ahead of this, we first need to make out the objectives and then prioritize those objectives. Financial planning is the course of action by which we address the financial challenges to reach our goals. 

Developing and implementing a financial plan should take into account the current financial situation from which we start and the financial goals we want to achieve. Financial planning is the course of action by which we begin, plan, accomplish and adjust our financial goals. This can be done only through appropriate financial management. And, the purpose of the financial planning process is to get our financial situation under control. 

Personal financial planning helps us understand our money chart. That is, from where it comes and where it goes, in order to steer it in the way we want it. Preparing the Personal Financial Plan may appear as a complex activity. But by working out a Personal Financial Plan, we can not only have the full picture of our financial situation with advantages and disadvantages, but also the opportunities and threats. 

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