Writing articles is an art. There are a number of ways in which you can use articles to make money online, some more clear than others. The articles can be used to promote practically any type of website or blog and get you Google Page Rank points. At the same time, there is also the possibility that other users can use your articles as content for their website or blog. 

To understand how to use the articles to make money online, you also need to understand the method of marketing the article. You will not earn any money online unless you convince people to visit your website or the product you promote. It is not necessary to have your own website, but it certainly helps, and the vast majority of people who have found success online have their own website. 

Here, the secret to success is to get traffic or visitors, whether it is your own website or someone else. As for the latter, there are people who make good money using what is called affiliate marketing, through which they receive a commission every time they sell products belonging to others. In essence, they work as sales agents and receive a commission for each sale made through their efforts. 

In the system of affiliate marketing, the products are normally delivered by electronic means. It has an advantage in that it involves no replacement costs, such as electronic books or software. They can be sold in time and again with a cent per cent profit. In addition to it, the commission offered on these types of items is normally 50% of the sales price, but it can be much higher too. 

When promoting such electronic products or software as an affiliate, it is possible to write articles or describe how such a product can be of use to the reader and then include a link to the merchant sales page at the end of the article or in the author's resource box. This is a section of the article where the author is allowed to provide personal information and a clickable link. 

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