2 Ways your Smartphone affects you

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Present day life can be very hectic and overwhelming. And as if the increasing professional, social and financial pressures, botheration and worries are not enough, we are constantly on a device that allows us to be contacted by anyone in the world at any time during the day or night and if your phone has never been disabled, you probably too will be doing the same thing with others. 

People are addicted to their phones says a hypnotherapist who is also an anxiety expert and an author. We get addicted to the dopamine service we experience with every new piece of information or news story that is send to us via email. Being tied up to our phones indicate that we never really relax. Therefore, it is not surprising that excessive smartphone usage has a direct connection with anxiety.

You may be surprised or even shocked to know the ways in which your phone harms your mental health on a daily basis. From your sleeping patterns to the reasons for your online snowshoeing - read more about this:

1. This affects your sleep cycle:

Poor sleep is a common physical symptom of anxiety. At the same time, most of us use our smartphone as an alarm clock. That means your phone is next to you before you go to sleep and when you wake up - making it incredibly tempting to watch your phones before bedtime and then again when you open your eyes. Do you think that you will be on a good way to start or end your day by reading a stressful work email or comparing yourself with that blog writer's selfie? I do not think so. 

2. It causes noise pollution:

Break off, shake or mess your phone every time someone answers a Facebook post or follows you on Instagram. It may be time to turn off your notifications. You will feel less disturbed and overwhelmed by the amount of incoming traffic. Endless notifications may make someone at some point happy, but it is believed that people suffering from anxiety have an increased sensitivity to noise. 

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