If you want to lead a healthy life, it is based on three fundamental things: food, exercise and rest. Here are four habits or things to do in order to have a healthy life. A lot of times there arises an intention to lead a healthy life. But you do not know where to start. Acquiring or varying the habits that I suggest, you can manage to get a pretty healthy life. You just have to do it. 

1. Modify your shopping list: 

It is very essential to start improving your diet. A good diet begins with a healthy purchase of items for your consumption. Focus on fresh products and avoid processed foods. Most of the food you purchase should be green and fresh leafy vegetables, without any excuse. 

2. Learn to cook food: 

Learning to cook is the second step to start eating well. If you do not know how to cook, you will probably end up eating precooked foods or anything else that you find in the fridge. Mastering cooking techniques such as grilling, steaming etc. will be very helpful to make your diet healthier. Knowing how to cook not only saves calories but also improves the items in your shopping list.
3. Drink plenty of water and limit the consumption of soft drinks and alcohol: 

You might have heard it many times in the past. One of the great burdens of the diet is the amount of calories you consume. The water should be the main drink and soft drinks or alcohol periodic drinks, to be taken only during the weekends. If you are able to follow this habit, you will have a lot of energy.

4. Vegetables and fruits are the two things you should never miss: 

You should not spend a single day without taking food containing these two. Vegetables and fruits are the ones that will provide you with a large part of the fiber, minerals and vitamins. They are the fundamental nutrients for the normal development of the organism. Therefore, try and make sure that at any main meal there is at least one food of each.

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