As you might know, our brain works a lot in the 24 hour cycle. All the information is being stored in our brains. Memory, concentration and health are key factors for a good brain. Your brain controls your entire body functioning. For a rational mind, all we need is some brain food. 

1. Fish: Fishes provide omega 3 fatty acids in high quantity which are really beneficial for the brain. It also relieves headache and improves memory and concentration. This is a must have. Mostly helpful for studying as it can improve learning abilities. If you get enough omega 3's then you may also fight depression. The brain stays young and happy with omega 3.

2. Turmeric: It helps in regrowth of cells and also has anti-ageing properties for brain, one study found out.

3. Broccoli has antioxidants which is good for brain health. It also contains vitamin K.

4. Almonds: As we have always heard from our childhood, it is actually very true that consumption of almonds have a direct impact on our brains making it healthier, more active, alert and boosting power of memory. Almond nuts should be taken everyday and especially children should start this practice of taking almonds early on. 

5. Eggs. Eggs are most people's favourite food and they're easy to make. They contain vitamin B6 and B12. It has anti ageing effects for the brain. Boosts power and mental health of an individual. They also minimize the risk of depression.

It is necessary that we keep our brain in good health. Because brain helps us to function in our day to day life. Many times we forget to take care of ourselves and involve in intake of diets that are not going to benefit us in any way. Going through tough times makes our brain tired so regularly giving the brain what's needed for it's health is our way towards a fulfilling life.

Also people with good memory and brain power are able to create great friendships and are able to fight problems in life with ease.

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