Having Toothache? Cure is in your kitchen

Category : HEALTH Author : Deepak Bharti Date : Sat Mar 10 2018

You must have often heard people complaining of a toothache. Due to worms or cavity in the teeth, this problem starts becoming a big problem. The pain, however, makes it very disturbing for some, but the pain of the tooth becomes even more intolerable as a toothache has a connection head.

If you sometimes have to face two to four teeth pain, then there are better ways in your kitchen that you can use to get relief immediately.


Home Remedies for Toothache

Mustard oil
If you are troubled with a toothache, then add three to four drops of mustard salt in a mustard oil and massage the teeth and gums with a light hand. This will not only relieve the pain in the teeth, but the gum also will be strong. If you use mustard oil regularly, then your teeth will never shine.


By the way, we eat onions or vegetables in the salad, but if you have pain in your teeth it can also be helpful in removing your pain. According to the doctors, after eating a slice of onion every three minutes, the germs present in the mouth die and get relief immediately in pain.


Garlic is very beneficial for health. Garlic is not only beneficial for stomach and blood circulation but also for the treatment of dental pain. A bud of garlic has considerable benefits. Antibacterial properties provide relief in the toothache. Chewing gourd a griddle of garlic or immersing in salt gives relief in toothache.


You have often heard from people that there is a pain in the tooth, so cloves get much comfort. Actually, cloves have medicinal properties, which ends the germs. Using cloves, bacteria and other germs end. Applying clove oil on the painful part during high pains is extremely beneficial.

Tea bag

Often you will use the T-Bag only to drink tea, but one of its main use is when you have pain and swelling in your teeth. It also removes swelling. Apart from this, it also solves problems related to teeth and gums.

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