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If the person lying next to you is taking a lot of excitement, it is natural for you to get angry, but the person does not know that he is getting scars and because of this the people around you are getting disturbed. If you do not like it, then you are unaware of the person who is getting scratches. There are many reasons for having a snack at night while sleeping. Many times a disorder becomes scarring. This disease is also called sleep apnea.


Inhibition of respiratory tract

The main reason for the relapse is considered inhibition in the path of respiration. When the amount of carbon dioxide in our body increases and the oxygen is reduced then we try to breathe in order to satisfy the oxygen and there comes the discrepancy due to obstruction in the way of respiration.

The back of the throat

When the back part of our throat gets narrower then the problem of intestacy is born. In fact, when the back part of the throat gets narrower, then the oxygen goes through that path and then the surrounding tissues begin to stagger and the scars begin to appear.

Back bolt
Those people who sleep on the back of the back also have this problem. When sleeping on the back, our tongue turns towards the back, so that it starts moving up the idol of the palate and there is difficulty in breathing and leaving. In this way, our tissues begin to vibrate and the scars begin to appear.

Nasal growth
When some noses of the nose are cracked or the meat starts to grow in them then they have difficulty breathing, which results in scratches.

Neck smallness

If a person's neck is too small, then it also becomes the reason for the realization.

Subcutaneous jaw
Even if your lower jaw is small, you still get scratches. Because when the jaw is small, the tongue gets backwards while lying and the tube of the respirator closes. By which there is pressure to breathe in and leave, which causes vibration and scratches.

Gaining weight
One reason for the recovery is weight gain. When a person's weight grows, the neck of the body starts hanging. Due to hanging meat, pressure on the respiratory tract and difficulty in breathing.

Do such defenses
After working throughout the day, if the sleep of peace does not come due to the intentions, then the person who is screaming starts annoying. If you are also troubled by someone's similar affair or are disturbed by your own intuition, then these scars can be removed in such a way.

'If you are overweight then lose weight first, so that your sporadic closure can be done. You can also go to the gym or take advice from your dietician to lose weight.

Eat less food at night so that the weight does not increase and you can breathe properly.

The problem of scarcity arises because of drinking less water. When we drink less water our nose holes dry up. In such a situation, sinus cannot cooperate with wind speed in reaching the breathing system and it becomes difficult to breathe. Therefore, the problem of scarcity increases. Because of this, such a person should drink more water.

If you have a habit of sleeping on the back, then change it. This will not obstruct the respiratory tract. While sleeping, sleep a little higher than the head. This will not obstruct your tongue and breathing tube.

If your nose is growing, contact the doctor.

Even if you are pregnant, you may also have trouble breathing and you will get rid of it. Therefore, sleep in a hurry like this.

People who smoke also have a problem of scarcity. Smoking makes it difficult to breathe. So if you have a problem with intimacy then quit smoking.

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