Many people remain stressed all the day due to work overload. The lifestyle these days is such that person of any age-group cannot remain happy for long. Nor he/she can devote his/her full potential into the work neither enjoy the work. This impacts the life of the person and also the life of the people whom he lives around. A happier mind is more productive then a stressed mind. Most of the work is done sitting which is harmful for human body, which is made for hunting (our ancestors used to do in early days).

A person uses his/her body (an instrument) 24 hours and if some hours (hardly 1-2 hrs) can be devoted for taking care of this precious instrument then efficiency of this device may increase. Most people ignore taking care of health and always run behind rectangular piece of paper. Yeah! money is important but not at the cost of health. Earlier the person understands the importance of health, the better he leads his/her life but not now. It's not hard to extract 1-2 hrs from a day and put some effort in making our health. One should eat healthy only then his/her effort will reap fruits. 

Exercise improves breathing and one may feel the fact if he/she goes for running, jogging or gymming. Yes, it takes some effort but that is beneficial for the whole day. It increases our metabolic rate and we feel more happier and stress-free. We feel active and enthusiastic and our productivity increases because we work with our conscious mind. Meditation is another tool which is a practice to keep our mind involved in current events. In this, we concentrate more on our breathing just for few minutes in a quiet space.

Due to spread of internet, there is awareness for health. Many health centers have already opened and parks are full of people. Even we miss exercise routine for a day or two then no need to worry, we can resume and should not skip it permanently. Slowly and steadily we should make it a part of life only then we can lead a happy life.

Hakuna Matata!

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