Music... A Relief for Stress

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Music.....Music....Music. There are many people in this world who cannot live without music. Being a lover of music, I have felt the true fact that listening to music, which belongs to any language, serves as a great stress relief in our stressful lives. Whenever we are in a stressed out mood at our homes, we should put on some music while doing our household chores. We should feel the relaxing impact which music provides us at that particular time. This soothing effect will entirely change our sad or stressed out mood and thus makes us feel more pleasant and we can be more enjoyable and excited in the work we do. I think most of the population in this world are truly fond of music. 

According to me, when I was a kid, I used to get the lyrics and the tune of a song so soon within one or two days after listening to it. Initially, it is the tune that gets stuck into my mind and then comes the lyrics. According to my opinion, songs which are melodious are more useful than fast numbers, whenever we are stressed out. Fast numbers can be adapted at times when we are in a mood to enjoy. For example, Night Parties, Marriage receptions, College Annual Days, etc.  Am I right? We should definitely praise the person who discovered music. Truly,  music is Amazing! 

In order to enjoy music, it is not necessary that we should become a singer. We can be a good listener too to enjoy music. Singers should have a talent in singing too. To become a singer, we should not only be a listener for music, but he should also acquire a talent in singing. There are lots of people who become singers by just listening to music without going for any music classes. This is because there is a hidden talent in those people to sing. This is a God given gift for those people. 

The tunes in songs of different languages also differ according to the language. Have you ever observed that difference? Hindi music tunes are different from English, Malayalam and Tamil tunes. This difference is because of the language being used in the songs. Majority of songs in different languages convey lots of meaningful words with an amazing tune. The well known Hollywood English movie,  "The Sound of Music" has contributed a lot for the promotion of music of that time. Music has played a major role in this movie. Many movies have come up till this time which has given lots of importance for music. Singing in the rain, Westside Story and Chicago are some of the musical movies in English. Thus, we can understand that music has played a major role in such movies. Most of the movies are not directed if there are no songs. Songs are a must for movies. In movies, songs serve as an eye-catcher to make the people tend to watch movie. 

So guys, be greedy for music and enjoy your beautiful life with Music! 

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