"The health of nation is inversely proportional to the number of laws needed to govern it". It is well quoted by someone. In India, health and sanitation is one of the greatest issue which is a major barrier in its development. According to our constitution, the state government has got the right to look after the "Health in India" rather than federal government, which is improving the standard of living and raising the level of nutrition in India. Life expectancy rate at birth has doubled after independence. No doubt India has made remarkable strides in the eradication of polio and the elimination of neonatal tetanus. There are several process on key health indicators like, infant and maternal mortality rates, reduction in the incidence of HIV, TB and Malaria which helped India to meet the Millennium Development Goals on health.

Equal access to essential health, clean water and sanitation services continue to be a priority for India, which houses one-sixth of the world's population. The problem beings from the contaminated water and inadequate supply of water in many sector of India. Government is focused on ensuring access to water. Open defecation in rural areas is the another reason of poor health but since the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), more than 12 million toilets have been constructed in rural India. Female health in India involves numerous issues like, malnutrition, breast cancer, maternal mortality. Only 15% of the mothers receive complete antenatal care and only 58% receive iron and folate tablets or syrup.

There are several schemes launched by the government to provide proper health and sanitation to people of India such as, Rashtiya Swasthiya Bima Yojna,  Employment State Insurance Scheme, Central Government Health Scheme, Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna, Janashree Bima Yojna, Universal Health Insurance Scheme. Still there are significant inequalities in access to quality and affordable health services, and disproportionate burden of communicable and non-communicable disease. The government's health expenditure has remained at around 1% of GDP over the past decade, which puts India significantly behind the global average. India is suffering from major health issue like malnutrition, infant mortality rate, poor sanitation, rural health. Somewhere we need to be more conscious about the health to remove these kinds of health issues from India.   

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