We often come across a line "Dont take stress, everything will be ok". But are we really? Does our mind allows us to do so? The answer is No! The thoughts just keep on bombarding from every angle and you are lost in thoughts of sinking it deeper and deeper and you reach an imaginary world wherein making your heart, making thudding sound more stronger and your mind is just boggling. You feel like laying down and just keep on thinking. Every good thing going around you feel "Why me? Birds are chirping as usual, sun is rising the same way and wind is also flowing in the direction it wants". Nothing has changed but my day is not the same as it was. Before my day was bolder chirpier and cheerful but today I am lost in thoughts, in turn I am sad.

As the time keeps on going, changing the clock to ticking to morning, afternoon and night you have to walk. You were stressed yesterday but today the intensity is a bit less because something has got absorbed but not sinked. The problem is still there but may be you are learning to accept. Every moment passes, thinking it makes you bolder and stronger to accept things but your heart is still beating at a pace wherein it is just pumping and you feel your heart heavy. We all always want to be happy and are never prepared at any stage to accept darkness. But what one should do is just keep walking, time is always the best medicine and it makes you stronger giving you a ray of hope.

What you can do of such issues? Nothing! Are they really in your hand? The answer is No. You really cannot help, sometimes in life you have to let things go and fly. Thinking and struggling will only make our mind and heart weaker. This stress creates chemical reaction in your body and ultimately disbalance your hormones. Unstable hormones will unstable your life and make you turn up taking an appointment to the doctor. The first question he mutters "Koi stress hai apko" and you feel, Oh god! It had become so important that I have affected my health. The most important thing lies with in you. Care about your health and health will value your life. We can always foster us. We should give time for our body, pamper our body, spend some time with our body and never neglect our body parameters. We have to live but now depends on us whether we want to strain our self and affect our body or just fight the issue with umpteen will power and confidence. What is going to happen will surely happen but how well you give a fight to it matters a lot. Your level of efforts will surely convert darkness to sunshine.

I usually come across articles "Fight Stress", "How to make yourself happy". Stress is so prevalent everywhere that we just cannot stop ourselves opening that article. People usually say eat chocolates, change your mood, go for a vacation, listen music, do shopping, read motivational books, do yoga, meditation and the list goes on. What I want to say is trust yourself and your family, discuss with your family and they can be your stress buster. Love, care, blessing can sublime anything. They can be your power and reason to smile. They give you reason to live. Their presence makes you climb every ladder. One should always maintain their mental, physical and spiritual heath. If all three are perfect then life just beholds it.

Plan your life, plan each day. Love your health, spend some time for it. Start your day with yoga, cherry it with meditation and end your day with walking. Eat just the right food.

Take care and enjoy each moment. Its lovely.

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