Between the competition of Jio in the Indian telecom market, government telecom company BSNL has introduced a new 'KOOL' offer for prepaid customers in the country. Under this offer, prepaid customers of BSNL will be given free 84 days of unlimited data, unlimited voice calls (home and roaming), 100 SMS per day and ring back tone.

BSNL has kept the price of this plan at Rs 1,099. The effective price of this offer of BSNL is 13 rupees per day. BSNL has made this plan available in every circle of the country. If this plan of BSNL compares to the plans of other big companies, then the plan is quite different. Because the rest of the companies keep some limits with data and calls.

However, the point of note is that BSNL provides 3G network in almost all the places. While the rest of the companies give 4G networks, BSNL only offers 4G networks in Kerala Circle.

Last month, BSNL had increased the validity of a number of unlimited prepaid plans. Now the validity of 186 rupees, 187 rupees, 349 rupees, 429 rupees, 485 rupees and 666 rupees has been increased to 50 percent. After the new update, BSNL now gives validity up to 129 days and data up to 1.5 GB.

Government telecom company BSNL is giving 2 GB of data free of charge to its customers. This offer has been launched by BSNL shortly before. However, the information about which Circles are valid is not known. Earlier even before BSNL launched such a plan for the country, then it can be expected that these offers also be valid for the entire country.

In an official statement, BSNL informed that it is necessary for customers to have 3G handsets to take advantage of this offer. The validity of this 2 GB data is 30 days. Keep in mind that these offers are only for new customers who join the company.

Apart from this, talk of telecom world's second news, Jio's first plan was Rs 199, Rs 399, Rs 459 and Rs 499. Now the price of these plans has been reduced to 50 rupees. But the benefits are just like before. Now, the plan for 149 rupees is being given 1 GB of data per day for 28 days. It can be called the cheapest plan of Indian telecom history at the moment.

Now talk about plans for other plans i.e. Rs 349, Rs 399 and Rs 449, all of them are getting 1 GB data per day. Although their validity is different. The plan validity of Rs 349 has been kept valid for 70 days, plan for 84 days of Rs 399, and 91 days of plan for Rs 449.

After this, now talk about a plan with 1.5 GB data per day, then there are four new plans in it, 198 rupees, 398 rupees, 448 rupees and 498 rupees. The validity of the scheme of Rs 198 has been 28 days, the plan validity of Rs 398, 70 days of validity, the plan validity of Rs 448, 84 days of validity and 498 rupees has been valued for 91 days.

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