STORYTELLER DEEPTHA Vivekanand was dismayed that there is a word to legitimize stalking and provocation in this piece of the nation. 'Geri', casual Punjabi for 'chakkar', is additionally the informal name for a road between Sectors 10 and 11 in Chandigarh.

The Geri Route was renamed Azaadi Route by Google Maps a week ago, because of an audit request of sent to the web goliath by Deeptha. Her drive to have the name changed sprouted from the Bekhauf Azaadi (valiant opportunity) walk that came as an upheaval after DJ Varnika Kundu was stalked on an August night a year ago.'

'Azaadi' here signifies 'flexibility', and means ladies' entitlement to recover the boulevards. Why the word, however? 'Azaadi' has most as of late been related with Kanhaiya Kumar's trademarks at JNU, however its sources as a women's activist motto lie in Kamla Bhasin's lyric, 'Murmur kya chahte? Azaadi'.

Deeptha says, "I did it for egotistical reasons: I have a six-year-old child. I don't need him to do this thing that they call 'geri' and, more regrettable, boast about it !"


Deeptha's significant other Rahul was driving on the extend and utilizing maps when the voice stated, "You're on Azaadi Route." Deeptha clarifies, "He knew we had put in the survey. Truth be told, it was his thought. We continued checking in the event that it was done, yet discovered by possibility!" She includes, "For the plan to reflect some place in composing is an extraordinary image. I have a proclivity to dialect and when a word isn't sitting admirably in a specific setting, it annoys me."

Popular culture in the district keeps on lauding the extend, however, in boisterous tunes booming from auto stereos. Well known applications, for example, Zomato have an assigned Geri Route accumulation of restaurants, for example. The course additionally has a Wikipedia page to itself.

Teacher Bhupinder Singh Brar, who initially has a place with Faridkot and instructs political science at Panjab University, says, "Will this name really stick just on the grounds that Google Maps transformed it? I'm not very beyond any doubt about that. In any case, on the off chance that it does and individuals begin calling it Azaadi Route, at that point it will change how Chandigarh is taken a gander at. On the off chance that you tune in to well known Punjabi melodies nowadays, they discuss coming to Chandigarh and pursuing young ladies in the city."

He includes that the name isn't authentic. In any case, finished the years, it got legitimized as a place to gaze at ladies. Prior, it was more about young ladies and young men meeting each different as that did not occur on the school and college grounds as unreservedly as it does now.

Aman Deep, an exploration researcher at Panjab University who in 2014 challenged the grounds understudy chamber surveys as the main female presidential competitor, was one of the coordinators of the walk. "The difference in name is certainly an accomplishment. However, that doesn't mean it has changed practically speaking. That is my worry", she says. "In any case, dislike previously," says Nikhil Arora (28), who works for a pharmaceutical organization in the city, "There's a police naka there constantly that guarantees there's no disorder. It requires investment for such changes to happen. Furthermore, Chandigarh isn't as perilous as Delhi or Haryana."

On the other hand, there are the individuals who feel negligible imagery can be perilous with regards to words, for example, Azaadi, however its exacting significance is opportunity.

City-based theater artiste Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry says, "I feel very anxious when words like azaadi are utilized and substituted for an informal term like geri. It's another issue that the word 'geri' may have turned out to be dangerous, yet to transform it to Azaadi Route all of a sudden raises pictures of patriotism and patriotism."

She includes that 'recover the lanes' walk occurred after a frightful occurrence and subjects got together to make streets more secure for ladies thus the term 'azaadi' was contextualized in that circumstance.

City-based dramatist Atamjit Singh says, "Imagery has esteem, however who builds up that imagery? On the off chance that loads of individuals need to append a famous incentive to an image, it step by step grabs. Imagery will remain, yet in the meantime a lot of it can trivialize issues."

Valentine's Day isn't too far and that is the point at which the extend is in the spotlight. Numerous inhabitants feel this is the time when the "maverick component" roll in from different towns and towns of neighboring regions.

Amusingly, it is likewise an "outcast", Chennai local Deeptha, who began the drive to change the name. "We didn't set out to make this a major ordeal. Presently, we should accomplish progressively and expel it from sources that individuals get to much of the time and make it as official as would be prudent. When they see that, they might ponder and discuss the words. Discussions realize change."

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