Daring Bride called off her own marriage with drunken Groom

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Time has changed lot. A daring bride called off her own wedding with a drunken groom after the groom reached the wedding venue in an inebriated state and misbehaved roughly with the bride’s family and relatives in the Steel City Rourkela, Odisha.

The matter came to the light after a complaint was filed by the bride at the Tangarpalli police station.

The ring ceremony and other rituals had been completed and the wedding was to take place. Shankar Panda (28) a resident of Champagarh slum under Bandhamunda police limits arrived along with his friends in a colourful procession at Sarangari to wed Arsul Panda’s daughter, a resident of Labour Colony under Tangarpalli police limits.

However, the wedding ceremony at Saranagari Jagannath Temple in Rourkela turned into battlefield as Sankar’s friends who were part in the procession, were heavily drunk and allegedly misbehaved and thrashed the mother, father and brother of the bride over poor arrangements and food. The wedding ceremony was stopped mid-way following heavy scuffle between the persons in both the sides.

Infuriated on this, the bride called off her own wedding just before rituals were to begin and the bride in her bridal attire, being accompanied with her family filed a complaint with the Tangarpali police against the bridegroom accusing him and his friends of misbehaving with her family members in an inebriated state.

Many people from the groom's side came and requested her to forgive but the bold bride remained adamant on her own decision said that "I can not marry a person who misbehaved with my family taking alcohol". I want justice for such humiliation meted out to my family members.

On the other hand, the groom sought apology, refuted the allegation to have misbehaved bride's family and claimed vehemently that his friends had mixed liquor with green coconut and offered to drink it. He did not know that the drink was intoxicated.

The police soon detained Sankar and his relatives and interrogated them into the matter.

Later the matter was resolved amicably. The bride and the groom exchanged garlands at the Tangarapalli police station after intervention from some social activists and families of both the sides.

Now the topic is on everyone's lips in the region.

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