Telecom company to offer facility for users to know sim linked to Aadhaar

Category : NEWS Author : Deepak Bharti Date : Tue Mar 06 2018

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has asked all telecom companies to provide such facilities to their customers so that they can know which of their mobile SIM linkages are based on their basis. The Authority believes that the possibility of unauthorized use of SIM can be overcome by this initiative. Such incidents have occurred before the authority that agents of some retailers, operators, and telecom companies are misusing the base to issue new SIMs, reissue numbers and they are issuing SIM from them to another person. Or the other is verifying.

The authority has warned the telecommunications companies that they should ensure that their retailers or agents do not make any kind of disturbances. Telecom companies have been asked to start this new facility by March 15. Under this facility, users will be able to know through SMS whether their mobile number is linked to the base or not. In the same way, they will also know how many mobile numbers are released or verified on their base number.

Ajay Bhushan, CEO of the Authority, told that all telecom companies have been asked to provide this service to their customers by March 15. Let us know that there has been a nomination of more than 1.2 billion people in the country. A base is a specific number of 12 digits. Significantly, the last date for linking a bank account, second financial services, and mobile network service provider is to March 31.

Your services may be discontinued if aadhar is not linked to the mobile network service provider. Let me tell you that the Supreme Court has already dismissed the petition filed for increasing the date of linking banking or mobile number from the base. You should take certain precautions while linking the base.

Do not share basis number
Do not share the information related to your basis with any other person. With the information of the basis given by you, it can be fraudulent by withdrawing money from your bank account. Also, other important secret information can be public.

Not online basis linking
Your SIM card can never be linked to the aadhaar number through call or online mode. You will have to go to the Customer Care office of the respective service provider to link the aadhaar number. Let us know that fingerprint is also important for this process to be completed.

Do not let the fake callers know
If a person asks for a telephone service provider or bank employee to call the aadhaar number and ask for it, do not tell your base number. Do not share any information on the basis. If you have any such call, then immediately give her information to the bank or service provider.

Can Use the M-Base App
Considering Digital India, UIDAI took a decision to make the digital version of aadhaar card available to the general public. For this, UIDAI has launched an Android app mAadhaar (M-base). This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on android smartphones. After downloading this app, you will avoid the hassle of carrying the aadhaar card.

Do the same on the official website linking process
Use the official bank official website to link the aadhaar number to the bank account. You can also complete this process by going to the branch of the bank. Many questions have arisen regarding the privacy of aadhaar card and misuse of biometric data. Although some cases of negligence have surfaced, if you do not give any information to the aadhaar card then it will be safe.

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