Here are the main things Cassini told us about Saturn and its moon, Titan. 

During its 13 year old mission, Cassini has taken about 150000 photos of Saturn and its moons and gave 650 GB of data about it.

1.  Now, Cassini is one of the most likely planet with alien life as geysers are found on the surface and revealed subsurface oceans. Also, hydro thermal vents are there on the sea floor. On earth, these kind of conditions are suitable for life. So why not on Saturn?

2. Saturn's moon titan is very much earth like. The Cassini's heygen probe first landed on 2005. It saw the first lakes and oceans beyond Earth. There are rains, tides, but of liquid methane and not of water.

3. On 2010, Cassini discovered massive storms in Saturn with striking temperature up to 150 degree Fahrenheit. Enough to blow out earth's atmosphere. It wrapped 1,90,000 miles which means wrapped around the Earth's equator more than 7 times. This went on for an year.

4. Saturn's rings could have been bigger than we thought it is. Results show that Titan had been formed by it. The shadow images show that the ring is not fully flat. It is possible that the unseen moons created them.

5. The Saturn's hexagonal north pole has also been much explored by Cassini. Yes, there is a perfect hexagonal storm going on in the north pole of Saturn. It was observed that it changed in different seasons.

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