Do you ever wished to live outside the earth on some other planets of universe? You know universe is infinite and obviously it has already been discovered that some other galaxy with a sun like star "Trappist-1" has 7 planets revolving around with earth like atmosphere.

Not only this, these planets have possibility of having liquid water on some part of their surface. It is visible through sky in Aquarius constellation but can be only seen through a powerful telescope (like Hubble). It is 39 light-years from earth which is like traveling 10 times to Pluto (4 light-years) from our planet. 

So, what about it's size? Is it same as that of Sun? It is bigger than Jupiter and smaller than Sun (nearly 10 times) and is twice as cold than the Sun. It's temperature is half that of the Sun (nearly 2300 degrees compared to 5500 degrees of Sun). Why our astronauts are giving so much importance to search life around the star? It is because three out of seven planets have the traces of having earth's like atmosphere.

It is estimated that with advancement of technology (large diameter telescopes) we can study all the planets of Trappist-1 within the span of just two years (estimated to complete in 2020). The sky at Trappist planets would be entirely different. Along with the moon, we will be observing other planets of the star system. The planets in Trappist-1 are super close to each other (but at a safe distance).

Had anyone thought we could go to this extent to discover the life beyond solar system? The research is still continuing and all the updates are shared via this site . If this will be successful then it would be a great solution to all our problems (population, pollution etc). These planets are being constantly studied through Hubble telescope. A more advance telescope at Chile is under construction. All we see in fantasy movies may soon turn to reality. 

Even if we fail to find life on planets near Trappist-1 or to travel 39 light years, still it's a great discovery which has opened many doors to study our universe in depth. Our scientist and astronauts are motivated to find out more such system and it's a milestone in human history.

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