There is another good news for smartphone users. Now you will get unlimited data facility in just Rs 1. Yes, this is not a cuddle but reality. Since reliance Jio has entered telecom market, since then the market has increased the competition. In this way, all telecom companies are attracting customers by launching cheap-cheap plans. Now, affordable smartphones and tablet maker Datawind has announced to provide cheap data. After this, it is expected that the competition will increase in the market.​

Contract with BSNL​

DataWind has tied up with BSNL for cheap data facilities. After an agreement with BSNL, DataWind Company is going to launch unlimited data service in a single day. Company chief Suneet Singh Tuli said that the deal has been signed with BSNL and this service will be started by the middle of this month. He said that the company's painting app 'Meranet' will be used for this.

First launched in Indonesia
Suneet Singh said that this app was first launched in Indonesia. There's a good response from customers. Meranet is based on new technology. In this, the files coming to the internet are compressed and very small, but there is no effect on the quality. Tuli said that this app will now work on the network of BSNL in India and when this app is used, the data of the customer will not be utilized, but the data usage of Merchant will be spent.

One rupee will be charged every day
Tuli also informed that the use of data in bulk has been contracted from BSNL in bulk. One rupee per day will be charged to customers. To use the data, the subscription will be on an annual basis and it will be a one-time payment. He also told that there will be no limit on using internet data here. Unlimited data will be provided by the company.

Browsing speed will be faster
Regarding the speed of the Internet, Tuli said that the speed service provider will be according to the company. But browsing speed will be higher than others because it uses compression acceleration techniques. Generally, if downloading a file takes 30-32 seconds, then the file will be downloaded in 1 or 2 seconds after this technique.

Singh also said that along with BSNL, the MoU has been signed for this service. There may also be agreement with Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea, and  Vodafone in the coming days. 

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