Always Be A Hopeful Beginner

Category : POEM Author : Senthil Vel K Date : Sun Mar 04 2018 Views : 16

Time may come
Time may go
Time may pass
Time may slow
But I always have the same words
I say, "Always be a hopeful beginner"
Just like how I regress my fancy
I never had a chance to walk with you
The journey has been so dead silent for me
I never got the second chance to see you again
Life has been so dark for me
I never got the second chance to meet you again
Life has been so lonely for me
However, I got chances to write for you
I got time to write for you
Each time I wrote
I wrote for all unbiased
Umpteen times for you
The words spoke themselves for me
I got chances to speak with you
Each time we spoke
I felt I am alive
Otherwise life has been so dead for me
The day you stood right in front of me
That day the leader's batch was embossed on me
That day and today
Your thoughts stand
Your memories stand
My life has withstood this for no reason
My life has withstood this till today
If at all you come to know this
You may understand
If not, then
I fail in all

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