Their are some memories that will never fade, there some bad moments that will never be forgotten. They will find you and knock back but what you can do is run, run away as far as you can to save yourself from this DEMON.


I was given holy teaching as a child,
Thee and me loved each other
He blessed me with shard of light.
Love, kindness and sacrifice;
But he failed, he failed,
To set the world that worth me,
Worth my love,
Worth my kindness,
Worth my sacrifice;
They made fun of my looks
They betrayed me even I did good
They made me to develop hatred
For each word of love I spoke,
I slowly started corrupting,
I lost my shard of light
Then slowly drifted into darkness
And witnessed changes late night.
My skin became cold
I developed thirst for blood
uttered unholy words,
And mind filled with wild lust;
And I realized,
I have made a biggest blunder ever
I have fully surrendered to dark
I have invoked My DEMON.
                                    -  @Sahil_Katoch

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