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Education is gift,

Lifts the life

Gathering all friends,

Saying the right thing.

Day to day studies,

Keep you fit and fine.

This is nice habit,

For gerting good sandwitch.

Become the experts for any field

Set the target for price of that,

Bet the difficult and tight issues,

There is education for you.

Read and write in full

As life is wonderful

Have a nice and smart reading,

And be greatfull and good being.

Anyday anyway everytime

Don't forget the lessons.

Don't remember the gone.

Don't accept the wrong.

Away away and away,

Don't set the wrong paths 

Be away,

If you educated, don't give way.

Education is light

No smudge no bright

Carefully assembled and nested,

Such a nice tie.

Education is resemblance.

Desiring practice 

Keeping the regular track of route

Get the target one.

Distort the negative

Assort the beyonce

Keep the twistness

As education is brightness.

Education is reading,

Writing and verdicting,

Analysing and questioning,

But beyond its verdict.

Decisive is good..

Deserting is limit

Practising is utmost.

But said, it is disgusting,

Yes, education only analysing.

Education follows the one, below

Caring the nature of hollow,

Advertising the effect of day,

Keeping the use of, for full gallon.

Say you are educated,

Be a correct man,

For the regulatory of system...

Be a normal human.

Education can be hard deep mild

Select and vibgour,

As per the demand,

vibrate or gravitate.

Say that is correct.

Following the education with practice.

One day you'll get

This is education that we met.

Being the versatile is normal

Betting the grace is significant

Ignorance is significance. Don't.

As educated is magnificent

Education is mode of life

Getting you there where is arrived,

Ready to develop for the keenness

For developing and frown.

New thoughts and invention

By the bearing of solution

Saturation and affirmation

Comes through education.

Hoping for further satisfaction

By natural or unnatural creation

Sets the progression and decision

That is education's foundation.

Demonstrating the acquisition

Both satisfactory or fair comment

Getting and creating path

For welfare and association.

Education is having different shape

Somewhere for health, wealth and saint

Somewhere for grust taste or feast

Whatever it be brings good and great.

Be educated and wise

Be big in size

Have colours in life

Be a base for self and others life.

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