My fancy has lasted for ages somehow
I am still being honest with my present
They say it was just a fatal crush
But it has now longed for ages and ages

It has been quite gradual for ever
I still don't see any rush whatsoever
All those who know me from the past
It has taken them by quite surprise

There are people who are quite upfront
And they seem to stand tall and stronger
How short they seem with their mortality
My crush has always been solid as a wall

I may be quoted vulgar sounding silly
When the lust in me shows up to bully
My body craves for something mortally
Is that all my fault coming naturally

The heart is there to care for love
But it is within the same own body
My mind has acquired it's strength
However, my manhood still survives

Let me remain vulgar, if the lust has to go long
Let me keep singing forever, if my crush is a song.

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