They ask me to move on & forget everything

I can’t make them understand; I can’t stop loving.

What you are to me, baby, has no understanding

in my life, you have hold over every single string.

Time is supposed to cure me & heal the aching

ages past you, the pain is still amplifying.

I’m dying, I don’t want to be admitting

all I can say is the following thing.

I miss your hugs

and all the comforts.

I need a new Heart

coz this one Hurts.

I couldn’t save us

my soul had put in efforts.

I need a new Heart

coz this one Hurts.

I’ve hurt you and you have lied too

we were still together, knowing our love was true.

But now you have changed everything you do

you act carefree, as if you found something new.

Your face used to match my every dream coming true

I’ve always imagined my end of time only with you.

You have ended things, I won’t beg you to continue

Though it doesn’t matter now, I want to say a thing or two.

Dying without you,

Swirling in deserts

I need a new Heart

coz this one Hurts.

I hate this loneliness

and the pain it exerts.

I need a new Heart

coz this one Hurts.

To all my questions, you were the prime answer

How do I find a way, without you everything is darker.

We cannot be together, I won’t ask you to push harder

I wish you find what you want, in someone better.

In my tedious life, exploring you was an adventure

our love is fading, I don’t know how to capture.

I know it’s too late & our future is blur

I just want to pass a message, written in cipher.

 I don’t blame your decision

this is one of many worsts.

I need a new Heart

coz this one Hurts.

We don’t know when love blooms

& the peace in it bursts.

I need a new Heart

coz this one Hurts.

I need a new heart; coz this one hurts!!


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