If it's for...

Category : POEM Author : Senthil Vel K Date : Sun Mar 11 2018 Views : 20

Love is inevitable and ought to happen
If it's for an emotional bond then eternal
A friendship for a good cause is amazing
If it's for no reason then unconditional
A story can be worse and unacceptable
If it's for a good moral then novel
A thought can be a slang very bookish
If it's for a good lesson then follow
A motive behind a lie sounds fishy
If it's for love then pleasant
A thought behind an action sounds okay
If it's for good then peaceful
A wish behind a hospitality sounds dilemmatic
If it's for a cure then adorable
A crime behind an act is awful
If it's for justice then balanced
Striking horrors are always bad
If it's for morality then exceptional
A criticism for your act may seem wrong
If it's getting into your head then bad
A compliment for the right act is good
If it's getting into your heart then sad
Compliment the nice act
But with a sound mind
Criticize the unkind act
But with a forgiving heart
If it's for the good
If it's for the better...

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