Losing Faith

Category : POEM Author : Senthil Vel K Date : Thu Mar 08 2018 Views : 13

Marriages are made in heaven
But life becomes hell on earth
People ruin plans
People spoil the sport
People get on to nerves
So true, there are enemies too
Are they the real ones
There's only one enemy
One enemy too strong
Stronger than me
The one that I would want to fight with
That enemy is not weak
It's been too much of a challenge
Too much of a challenge fighting him out
And, I am still fighting
The rest are not strong enough for my caliber
I have my wife against me with a legal applause behind
But she isn't worth fighting
Even her family for that matter
They seem too small
And, hence, I am just avoiding them
I wouldn't like to waste my energy fighting against them
I have had enemies out of work and business
I am not fighting with them as well
They aren't too big or strong either
I have had friends turning foes
They are the real challenging ones
I am fighting against them
However, there has been one for many years now
This one has been above all
He creates fear
He scares us all
Today I have decided to name him
He has a forename and a surname
Out of fear, I am naming him
Most of my friends would know him
As he is so usual and common
At least amongst few of us
His name is with the salutation
Mr Losing Faith...

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