They are free with some restrictions

They are told whom to fear

They are told what to wear

In late nights, they can't roam

In time they must reach home

Their boldness can bring them dangers

They should not believe the strangers

In concrete jungles, they are the easy prey

The can be eaten in a bus, in a subway

They are extremely vulnerable to me and you 

And to the office bosses, the doctors and cab drivers too

And the list includes all the persons they know

But they must be nice to them, can't oppose although 

In late nights they are flesh in barbaric mega cities

In the mornings they are told to accept primitive partialities

Throughout their body they feel many stares of desire

Being uncomfortable, they try to stretch their attire

Their futures and bodies can be found drawn in drains

Their tears they hide in the dark and when it rains

From 1947 freedom varies till this day

For men and women and we are really okay 

A rape victim and some media follow the trend

Then a candle vigil and thats it, our job ends

Then our judicial system lend a hand on it

In a long way in which some survives, rest quits

From their dreams and aims to where do we know?

Don't think my friend or your busy life may loss of its flow.

You have pest controlled in home, not in mind

Where germs of evil are spreading, are they confined?

So don't blame the criminals, from them are we different? 

Once rivers of blood brought freedom, not being indifferent 

Take an oath by killing your evil, no anymore rape

We will fight till the last blood drop, we will make them safe...

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