No Words To Say

Category : POEM Author : Senthil Vel K Date : Sun Mar 11 2018 Views : 18

Two years after she left us
I spoke with her sister
It's been two years
Her family has overcome the pain
I spoke with her sister
No words to console
A grace ran through my veins
And thus in deep silence
After coming home late
The words followed
The Gospel may smile today
Scriptures may cheer tonight
Hymns may be enchanted again
As the friendship blossomed so nice
The words had sighed for long
And none spoke till today
And when the time came
No words to say
For the first time I heard
For the first time
The words were hard to come-by
Breaking the ice
Was the task next
It was even tougher
What followed after
I was never to forget
It never came with an ease
What I got in the end
After speaking with her sister
Was a deserving peace
And thus on GOD I trust
Make a prayerful gesture
I wish for peace
For her soul to rest
I wish for prosperity
For her family be given the best
GOD Bless to my friend
Good Luck to her family
May her soul rest in peace
A deserving peace in the end...

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