While horror strikes
Philosophy dies
Ethics followed
Bores a human
And legends arise
While humour strikes
Sadness dies
Attitude swallowed
Heals illness experts arise

The first time is always tough
Breaking the ice with the first
It's even tougher
What follows after
Is an ease
What we get at the end
Is a deserving peace

Aim for sure success
Not just a mere win
The attitude you carry
Should be apology during mistakes
Not just a mere sorry
A failure should be an obstacle
Not just giving up
Love should be unconditional
Not just universal with expectations

Nights are longer
If you are long awake
You choose to put things at stake

Days are short
If you fall asleep
You lose to step out
For that long leap

Work like a clock
Keep going around
You won't find a difference
No difference, no block

Your life will be a moral
Too good to sound
Examples and Morals
They are always available
They don't come so easily
Not easily with a label
It takes more ups and downs

More than courage
More than drown
More than survival
More than death
More than crown

Even during your last breath
Every moral is a result
Result of an unexpecting will
And unconditional rage
Beyond law
Beyond good
So strong
Yet, so simple...

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