He was attracted to her like a moth to a flame,

In her dreams, they looked perfect like cherry and cake.

Both waited for the other to realize, realize and confess,

Not knowing that they shared the same feelings.

Neither of them wanted to lose the other,

And hence another love story ended before it started.

Only if one was willing to take the chance, the courage to risk it all;

They would have made an amazing story,

A story their children would have loved to listen to

The one which their siblings would admire,

And which would leave the world jealous.

Sometimes we play safe, not willing to lose anything

But what if the chance, the courage, the risk

Gives us all that we had ever wished?

Sometimes we are afraid to jump

But what if we are born to fly?

(Ever wondered why we humans loose a lot of things, well I think that it is because we are afraid. Afraid to jump and spread those beautiful wings.)

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