The Dawn and The Dusk

Category : POEM Author : Senthil Vel K Date : Sun Mar 11 2018 Views : 12

The dawn happens only after the darkest night
The dusk appears only after the hottest noon
If you think you are in a grave
Then believe your life will be more bright
Brighter than ever and brave
When horror strikes philosophy dies
With strong hope and profound faith
Bores a human and then legends arise
The first time is always tough
Breaking the ice with the first
Is even tougher
What follows after
Is an unexplained ease
What we get at the end
Truly a deserving peace
Though the water is consumed
Yet the thirst isn't over
Though someone seems to have arrived
Yet the search isn't over
Though the words are hard to come-by
Yet the chat isn't over
Though the acceptance is given
Yet the suffice isn't over
Surmise is always there
But the vivification is hard to come-by
Sunrise is happening and inevitable
But the dawn isn't easy to stand-by
Soon the temperature goes high
And the dusk readily follows-by
The day goes very soon
And another thirsty night arrives
Again the water is consumed
And the thirst remains hidden and shy
And the cycle of the dawn and the dusk
Continues ever to fly high...

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