​When away from my hometown
I fear things may bring me down
I fear people may make me frown
For life is not a laughing clown

Places I go
Older as I grow
Like a river goes
In the rhythm of it’s flow

I find so many obstacles
That try to bind me with shackles
Sometimes on my face life chuckles
When my heart breaks down with crackles

And yet again I gather strength
That would take me to greater lengths
For the fear of failure won’t take my breath
But the fear of regret would haunt to death

Amidst the trauma this feeling would come
And I feel like going home
The one place where it’s never dark
The light of hope does always spark

It doesn’t matter how high I fly
How long I go, how deep I dive
When on Earth it would remind
The smell of home nowhere I find

For there is peace on the lap of mother
In the arms of father, in the care brother
In the heart of sister my world resides
The home of god’s stays just besides.


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