The fight may have got over
Only the battle I have lost
The war is still on for ever
The haunt of failure still prevails from my past

What is still there in store for me
The past has taught me a lesson
Just need to move on without bending a knee
The pursuit for a moral is still my mission

I thought I was the hare
But I remained a turtle
People moved on in the fare
And I failed to leap the huddle

When horrors strike
Philosophies die
When determination prevails
Then the legends arise

Crime bores when legends demise
If the legacy is legendary
Then all the victories will suffice
So, hold on to your nerves
As humbleness always serves

Keep those lines intact
The re-buttles will always be a fact
Repeat those dialogues like a poetical verse
A sale is certain even if the words are diverse

Mostly working in the night
Need motivation to work
Most of us working crave
Crave for something motivating

Motivations and rewards
Recognition and appreciations
For what we do
For what we reap
For even discipline too

Who has motivated mothers
Who has rewarded mothers
Who has recognized mothers
Who has appreciated mothers

Who has motivated wives
Who has rewarded wives
Who has recognised wives
Who has appreciated wives

There are no appreciations
for what a mother does
There are no appreciations
for what a wife does
There are no appreciations
for what a good leader does
Never wait till you become a mother
Never wait till you become a father
Never wait till you become a good leader

Be motivated
Feel appreciated
Reward yourself
With what we are
With what we have
And with what we can do...

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